FAQ for Teen Patti Club

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is My Money Safe? 
Answer:- Our Game application make use of highly advanced security features to ensure the safekeeping of financial and personal data gathered from players. We make sure that we keep up with data protection legislation and that their slots and other games get audited by external secu- rity companies.

2. How to Register to the Game?
Answer: For new players please click Play as Guest Then proceed to register your mobile phone number by clicking your Avatar Icon. Click the Bound button. Fill out the information with your mobile phone number and set your own desire password. Click OTP (One Time Pin) then you will receive code through text. After you re ceived the code click Confirm to completely registered. Welcome and enjoy the game!

3. How to Recharge? 
Answer: Open your game account, at the game lobby page click Pay. Select your desire amount of recharge then you may now proceed by clicking Add Cash. Select your desire method of pay- ment and click Next step then it will automatically direct you with the payment merchant page.

4. What is the Minimum Amount of Recharge?
Answer: Minimum recharge is 10rs, maximum amount of recharge is unlimited.

5. How to Make a Withdrawal?
Answer: Click Withdraw on your game lobby, then select the withdrawal option you want (bank or UPI) and enter your desire amount to withdraw, then click Withdraw.

6. What is the Minimum Amount of WithdrawalP
Answer: Minimum withdrawal is 30 rupees, maximum amount of withdrawal is unlimited.

7. What is the Maximum Withdrawal Per Day?
Answer: Withdrawal is up to 5 times a day.

8. What are the Withdrawal Options?
Answer: We support Bank Card and UPI mode of withdrawals.

9. Why do Ineed to provide my ID and recharge information after I initiate a withdrawal and Customer support contacted me?
Answer: This is for the safety of our players. Our company is making sure that we will send the withdrawal money to the correct person. Please don't worry, because all player information is secured.

10. How to bind my Bank Account or UPl account to the Game?
Answer: You can bind your bank and UPI information by clicking on the Withdrawal button at the bottom of the screen on the game lobby page.

11. How to play?
Answer: The instructions are inside of every game, you can find it on the Diamond at the top right corner of the screen.

12. What is Wagers Required?
Answer: Wagers are the required bet that you need to complete before you can withdraw money from your game account.

13. How to refer friends to the game?
Answer: Please check our Weekly bonus page, which can be found in the game lobby to learn about our wonderful offers.

14. How long does it take to recharge to enter my game account?
Answer: Usually the recharge credit to your game account immediately(5-10min), but some- times due to the delay of bank, we cannot receive your payment and credit to your game account immediately, but you can track your payment with our Customer Support for further help.

15. How long does a withdrawal take?
Answer: Usually, the withdraw is immediately (5-10 minutes). But sometimes, it will be at most up to 24-72 hours due to the bank delay.

16. What ifI didn't receive my withdrawal to my Bank or UPl account after 72 hours?
Answer: If you did not receive your withdrawal after 72 hours, your withdrawal will be returned to your game account, and you may initiate a new withdrawal again.

17. Is my money secure during the withdrawal process?
Answer: Yes. Please don't worry about your money because we assure you that it is secured during the process.

18. How to log in to the game after registration?
Answer: Loe On is onlv for registered olavers.

19. What to do if this prompt appears (lllegal Input) while binding your Bank or UPl information?
Answer: Please make sure the information is correct, otherwise, close the application and 15 minutes. Still can't bind? Please contact customer support for assistan try again afte

20. What to Do if This Prompt Appears (Number Already Bound) While Registering to the Game?
Answer: The number has been used on a different account, please use another mobile phone number to register to the game. Please be informed that you can only register one device and one mobile phone number for one game account.

21. What to Do if You Forget Your Password?
Answer: Click Forget password button to set again a new password. Fill out the asked information and then Click OTP (One Time Pin) then you will receive code through text. After you received the code click OK to completely change your new password. It can be seen on Log on.

3 Patti Club Help Line Number (WhatsApp Number)

1. 3 Patti Club Customer Care Number - +63 9271937548
2. Teen Patti Club Customer Care Number - +91 8939704767
3. Teenpatti Club Customer Care Number - +63 9567256833